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Old Rosin the Beau: A Favorite Southern Ballad, as Sung by Mr. Martynn,

Composed and Arranged for the Piano Forte.

New York: Atwill, 201 Broadway

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[Verse 1]
I live for the good of the nation,
My sons are all growing low,
I hope that my next generation,
Will resemble Old Rosin the beau,
I've travell'd this country all over,
And now to the nest I will go,
I know that good quarters await me,
To welcome Old Rosin the beau.

[Verse 2]
In the gay round of pleasure I've travell'd,
Nor will I behind leave a foe,
And when my companions are jovial,
They will drink to Old Rosin the beau;
But my life is drawn to a closing,
And all will at last be so,
So we'll take a full bumper at parting,
To the name of Old Rosin the beau.

[Verse 3]
When I'm dead and laid on the counter,
The people all making a show,
Just sprinkle plain whiskey and water,
On the corps of Old Rosin the beau,
I'll have to be buried I reckon,
And the ladies will all want to know,
And they'll lift up the lid of my coffin,
Saying, here lies Old Rosin the beau.

[Verse 4]
Oh, when I am going to my grave,
The children will all want to go.
They'll run to the doors and windows,
Saying there goes Old Rosin the beau;
Then pick me out six trusty fellows,
And let them all stand in a row,
And dig a big hole in the circle,
And in it toss Old Rosin the beau.

[Verse 5]
Then shape me out two little donocks,
Place one at my head and my toe,
And do not forget to put on it,
The name of Old Rosin the beau;
Then let those six trusty fellows,
Oh let them all stand in a row,
And rake down that great big round bottle,
And drink to Old Rosin the beau.



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