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Words by Irving Caesar and B. G. De Sylva
Music by George Gershwin

Photograph: Al Jolson

Inscription under photograph: I am proud to sing a real American song Al Jolson

Irving Berlin Inc. Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, N.Y By arrangement with Harms Incorporated, New York.

Copyright MCMXXII by Harms Inc., N.Y. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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Say, here’s a word I want to say!
Say, have you ever been away?
Have you ever missed the good old U_ S_ A?
When you get that itching in your shoes,
Go to any other land you choose,
See how quick you get those “Yankee Doodle Blues!”
You’re singing

There’s no land so grand as my land,
From California to Manhattan isle;
North and South my sunny skyland,
I love ev’ry mile!
When I hear “Yankee Doodle”,
That melody keeps on ringing in my ear;
“Yankee Doodle”
That melody makes me stand right up and cheer, “I’m coming!”
U_ S_ A I’ll say I love you,
Make me lose those “Yankee Doodle Blues!”
You’re singing Blues!”

They say that Europe’s wonderful with all its ancient junk
It’s not as good as Kokomo and Kokomo’s the bunk
I couldn’t see old London it was covered by a fog
I had to move from Paris ‘cause I couldn’t eat a frog
I went from there to old Cologne and started on the rounds
But old Cologne don’t smell as sweet and pretty as it sounds
A Russian Bolsheviki tried to get my scalp
And then I wore my welcome out by sliding down an Alp
Hey there Miss Liberty I’ll say you’re a bear
And when that custom officer says to me
“What do you declare?”
“I’ll declare that.”


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