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Lyric by J. Keirn Brennan
Music by Ernest R. Ball

Illustration by P. Caminoni, Jr.

M. Witmark & Sons, New York

To Julie and Carrie

Copyright MCXIX by M. Witmark & Sons
International Copyright Secured

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Is the struggle and strife
We find in this life
Really worth while, after all?
I've been wishing today
I could just run away
Out where the west winds call.

With some one like you
A pal good and true
I'd like to leave it all behind
And go and find
Some place that's known
To God alone
Just a spot to call our own.
We'll find perfect peace
Where joys never cease
Out there beneath a kindly sky
We'll build a sweet little nest
Somewhere in the west
And let the rest of the world go by.

Is the future to hold
Just struggles for gold
While the real world waits outside
Away out on the breast
Of the wonderful West
Across the great Divide?



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