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A Ballad

Words by Leslie Cooke
Music by John Openshaw

The following are the published arrangements of the Song and Melody.

Duet (High and Low Voices in F)
Duet (Mezzo and Low Voices in Eb)
Trio (Tenor, Baritone and Bass)
Trio (Soprano, 1st and 2nd Contralto)
Male Quartette (Octavo)
Mixed Quartette (Ocatvo)
Cornet Solo with Orchestral Accompt. in Eb
Orchestral Accompt. for Voice in Eb, F and C
Violin or Cello Obligato All Keys

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Take thou my gift,
My offering of roses,
Cull'd from my garden,
Sweet with twilight dew;
If just one flow'r upon your breast reposes
Life shall forever hold no rose but you.

Love sends a little gift of roses,
Breathing a pray'r unto my posies,
Torn from my heart as twilight closes,
Asking this, only this
One heart to grow a little tender,
Two eyes to glow with love's own splendour,
Two lips to give in sweet surrender
Just a kiss, just a kiss.

Take thou my gift,
And be it joy or sorrow,
Think ere my roses fade
And fall apart;
With each sweet bloom
That you may scorn tomorrow,
I send to you for joy or pain my heart.



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