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Arthur Hammerstein's new musical play The Wildflower
Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein 2d.
Music by Vincent Youmans and Herbert Stothart

Entire production staged under personal direction of Mr. Arthur Hammerstein

Book staged by Oscar Eagle
Dancing Ensenbles by David Bennett

Wild Flower, Good Bye Little Rosebud, April Blossoms, If I Told You, Bambalina,
You Never Can Blame A Girl for Dreaming, Selection

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[Verse 1]
Wilt thou come with me to the fair?
Bambalina will be there.
Who is Bambalina
What sort of man is he?
He's a fiddler man by trade,
Both beloved by man and maid;
Good for Bambalina,
A bright old man is he!
He'll start into fiddle
And stop in the middle
Of a dance as quick as a wink
And there you stand
In your sweetheart's arms
Before you've time to think!
It makes Old Bambalina grin
To see the fix the girls are in:

When we're dancing at the fair
We have to watch and keep aware,
When good old Bambalina calls a stop;
That means I must stand still in your arms
And hold your hand still.
For we dare not dance
Or skip or kick or hop;
Times when he may choose to stop
Give me a good excuse to prop
My little head against my partners chest;
So you see the reason why
Tho' other dances I may try,
I always like the Bambalina best!



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