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"Lo Angeles - 'Where flowers bloom in winter' - Greets the World

Lyric by Robert V. Dale
Music by Vern Elliott

Price 50¢ net

Cover illustration signed P.M. Griffith

Published by Robert V. Dale
210 Tait Bldg. Los Angeles

Copyright MCMXXIII by Robert V. Dale

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1. There's only one fair city in the wide world for me,
It's always in my thoughts and where I'm always glad to be,
Oft' have I wondered far away to many distant lands,
As often to return to her who held out greeting hands,
O city of the Angels I can hear your silvery call,
I simply can't resist you,
For you are the Queen of all,
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, we love you far the best,
You're California's morning glory, Queen of the Golden West.

Miss Los Angeles,
My Los Angeles,
Fairest flower of the west,
Of all the cities in the wide world,
I love you far the best,
Sweetest city of the Angels,
Far fairer than the rest,
We all love you Miss Los Angeles,
Our sweetheart of the Golden West.

2. My winsome Miss Los Angeles the fairest of the fair,
I love to watch your golden sunbeams dancing in the air,
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, no fairer name there be,
Sweet city of the Angels always home sweet home to me,
Queen city of the Angels I will heed no other call,
For I will never leave you,
As I love you best of all,
In Southern California, land of Sun-kissed orange tree,
Oh winsome Miss Los Angeles we can't help loving thee.



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