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"A Dancing Song"

Music by Vincent Rose writer of "Love Tales"
Words by Harry Owens

Popular Edition
Leo. Feist Inc. New York
Canada Leo. Feist Limited 193 Yonge St. Toronto
Francis, Day, & Hunter, 138-140 Charing Cross Road, London, Eng.

Featured by Art Kahn and his Senate Orchestra

Reste Encore un Peu
French words by R. Brisson

Copyright MCMXXIII by Leo. Feist ...

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1. The time is coming soon to say goodbye,
A time of sadness it will be,
But Honey listen to my parting sigh,
And linger on awhile with me.

The stars shine above you,
Yet linger awhile;
They whisper "I love you,"
So linger awhile,
And when you have gone away,
Each hour will seem a day,
I've something to tell you,
So linger awhile.

2. Your pretty smile will always linger on,
Tho' you are many miles away,
I will be lonely dear, when you are gone,
The skies of blue will turn to gray.

Tremblante comme une ingénue,
Tu viens à notre rendezvous,
Mais tu n'es pas si tôt venue,
Que tu veux retourner chez vous:

La nuit est si belle,
Reste encor un peu;
L'amour nous appelle,
Reste encor un peu;
C'est l'heure bénie
Des douces folies,
Je t'en prie, ma mie,
Reste encor un peu.



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