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"Camp Meeting Band"

Words by Louise Wolfe Gilbert

Music by Lewis F. Muir

New York: F.A. Mills, 122 W. 36th St., 1914

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[Verse 1]
Miss Mandy Jackson you hurry up, hurry up,
Miss Mandy Jackson you pretty up, pretty up,
You're going to hear some music,
You're going to hear some music
Played by the best band, by the best band in the land.
If you've got work, why kid chuck it up, chuck it up,
It's camp meeting time, babe, and that's why I feel grand.

Oh Oh that camp meeting band,
I want to tell you, it's the best in the land!
Yes true the preacher speaks grand,
Hear what he has to say,
Then hear them darkies play
The tune of the old Stars and Stripes, just like new,
If Sousa could hear them play it, he'd say so too,
When I want music grand
Say Give me a camp meeting band.

[Verse 2]
Camp meeting bonnet come put it on, put it on,
With feathers on it come stick it on, stick it on,
No great big celebration
That's held in this here Nation
Will draw such big crowds, as the best band in the land.
If you've got jewl'ry hon chuck it on, chuck it on,
I'll hitch up Napoleon
And we'll ride to that band stand.



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