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By Sam Coslow and Al Sherman Successfully introduced in the Passing Show of 1922

Stark & Cowan Inc. Music Publishers 234 West 46th Street New York

Copyright MCMXXIII by Stark & Cowan

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the library or the institution.


1. Far off in Spain, when you're stuck on a Jane,
You must dress up real pretty
And sing her a ditty like this;
Chadadee, Chadada, Chadadee. Chadada
In Barcelony, I met a "bolony who used to make me sing that way
Chadadee, Chadada, Chadadee. Chadada
It was on her that I squandered all my dough
Trying to keep her well fed
All that she weighed was a half a ton or so
No wonder I was misled.

I called her my sweet Wanita
Wanna eat wanna eat? Wanita
All that I'd ever do was feed her
And this dizzy skirt had steak for dessert,
She's some food assassin, Wanita
I declare no one there can beat her
Ten meals a day it took to feed this gal of mine,
She's on a diet now, she's only eating nine
So I said "Farewell sweet Wanita"
Wanna eat? Wanna eat? so do I.

2. She'd start each meal with a plateful of veal
Consomme soon would follow,
And she'd always swallow like this:
Chadadee, Chadada, Chadadee. Chadada
Her demitasse she would take in a glass and she'd drink it in most any key;
Chadadee, Chadada, Chadadee. Chadada,
Once I was happy and prosperous it's true
But little did I suspect
What awful things this girl's appetite could do
My little bankroll was wrecked.

I called her my sweet Wanita
Wanna eat wanna eat? Wanita
Wrapped in a table cloth I'd greet her
And I'd be a wreck when I got the check,
I prayed that she'd get indigestion
But such luck it was out of the question
They say that nanny goats eat tomato cans and such
But she eats lots of things that nanny goats won't touch
So I said "farewell sweet Wanita"
Wanna eat? Wanna eat? pay the check.


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