Historic Sheet Music Collection

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"Unexcelled Edition"

Arranged by Harry P. Small

Published by the Standard Music Publishing Co

1020 Market Street Philadelphia Printed in the USA

Words and music by RICHARD K WEAVER, Opus 205.

Copyright 1916 by Eclipse Pub. Co. Philadelphia Pa.


3 samples:

  1. Tell me the old, old story; words and music by RICHARD L. WEAVER, opus 205. Second Page

  2. Sweetheart of my Dreams; words by ARTHUR J. LAMB, by CHARLES H. MASKELL, Final Page

  3. Let the roses tell; words by ARTHUR J. LAMB, by CHARLES H. MASKELL, Final Page

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[Verse 1]
How lovely is the sun in all it’s radiance,
How sweet the morning air, the storm departing,
How fresh the breezes, fast the storm pursuing
O lovely sun thy glorious warmth imparting

[Verse 2]
Soft comes the twilight, love, the sun is setting,
A sadness come to me, my heart o’verflowing,
Under thy window, while the darkness deepens
I bid the sun once more a fond good night,

I know a sun bright laughing at me, Dear heart now
Hear me that sun is thee Thine eyes so dear to
Me, ah! Shall my bright sun forever be!
Be my bright sun A-ha!



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