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"Stay Home, Little Girl Stay Home" by Lew Brown and James F Hanley. Page 2

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[Verse 1]
I know a guy name Izzy
And he’s always busy
Making love to women ev’ry night
One of them is Sarah

[Verse 2]
What a holy terror
She wouldn’t give him up without a fight
When she saw him flirting with a girl who lives next door
She got so excited that she started in to roar

[Verse 3]
He went around with Jenny
She was one of many,
He had lots of girlies on the side
Becky Rose and Essie
Sadie Belle and Tessie
And each one thought she’d be his blushing bride
Ev’ry time they saw him they would form a great big ring
They’d look at each other and they’d all begin to sing

Whose Izzy is he yous or is he mine?
I’m gettin’ dizzy watching Izzy all the time
He said that he’d be true to me I
He likes lemon with his tea I
I know he kissed you yesterday
‘Cause should have got guarantee
Guess the lemon must be me
Whose Izzy is he, in he yours or is he mine?
I smelt garlic right away.

If you get him, then you’ll give me the ha ha ha ha
If I get him then I’ll give you the ho ho ho ho ho
He who laughs last laughs the best You laugh half I’ll laugh the rest
You may laugh up your sleeve
But I’ll laugh up my vest HEY



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