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Title page: Doodle-Doo-Doo A Dancing Song

Words and Music by Art Kassel & Mel. Stitzel

"Popular Edition"

Copyright MCMXXIV by LEO. FEIST, Inc, Feist Building, New York

International Copyright Secured and Reserved

London-England, Francus, Day & Hunter, 135-140 Charing Cross Road

Toronto-Canada, Leo. Feist Limited. 193 Yonge Street


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[Verse 1]
I’ve just heard a melody,
That is always haunting me,
Funny little strain
Running thru my brain
It’s as sweet as can be.
It has such a pleading way.
Tho’ it’s with me night and day,
When I hear someone playing I walk right up and say:

[Verse 2]
I’ve hear all the melodies,
From the blues to rhapsodies,
They all come and go
But there one I know
That’ll linger and tease.
I’ve found all the blues a pest,
Rhapsodies to me a jest,
So if you want to please me,
Just take this one request.

Please play for me
That sweet melody
Doodle Doo-Doo Doodle Doo-Doo,
I like the rest
But what I like best
Is doodle doo-doo,
Doodle doo doo
Simplest thing,
There’s nothing much to it,
Don’t have to sin, just doodle doo doo it
I love it so
Wherever I go I doodle doo doo doodle doo doo doo



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