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Sherman Clay & Co, San Francisco

Lyric by Harry D. Kerr; Music by Earl Burtnett and Henry Miller

Copryright MCMXXIV by Sherman, Clay & Co. San Francisco
International Copyright Secured and Reserved
London_Herman Darewski Music Pub.Co.


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[Verse 1]
When the stars are gleaming
O’ver an opal sea
I am ever dreaming
Dreams of Araby
There a dessert love flow’r gave to me her heart
Sadly came the last hour when we had to part years cannot dim memory
Though all I have left to me

[Verse 2]
I’m forever yearning
For that wonderland
Dreaming I’m returning
O’er the desert sand
In my heart forever lives the memory
Of our love together far Araby and through years we’re apart
I’ll cherish deep in my heart

Love dreams oriental Love dreams
That take me back to Araby
Where two eyes luring as the blue skies
Are calling tearfully to me
Oh, stars bright
Can’t you be my lovelight
And each night tell her tenderly
That Love dreams oriental Love dreams brings dear ever near to me



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