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From the Musical Comedy “Rose-Marie”

Books and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein, 2nd

Music by Rudolf Friml

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[Verse 1]
So echoes of sweet love notes gently fall
Thru the forest stillness as fond waiting Indian lovers call!
When the lone lagoon
Stirs in the Spring,
Welcoming home some swany white wing,
When the maiden moon,
Riding the sky, gathers star eyed dream children night:

[Verse 2]
That is the time of the moon and the year,
When love dreams to Indian maidens appear
And this song that they hear;
When I’m calling

Will you answer too
That means I offer my love to you to be your own
If you refuse me, I will be blue
And waiting all alone;
But if when you hear my love call ringing clear,
And I hear your answering echo, so dear,
Then I will know our love will come true,
You’ll belong to me, I’ll belong to you!


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