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“The Musical Comedy”

Book by: Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel; Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Irving Caesar

Music by Vincent Youman

Entire production staged under the direction of Edward Royce

Harms Incorporated; New York

Copyright MCMXXIV by Harms Inc., N.Y.

International Copyright Secured


  1. “June brought the Roses”, Words by Ralph Stanley, Music by John Openshaw. Back page.


[Verse 1]
This is more than we intended,
For it seems that we’ve offended,
Won’t you call him back and we’ll explain?
He’s only pouting,
Your love he’s doubting;
I haven’t done a thing to cause him pain
Still we’re thinking that we must have
Made a fauxpas for you just have
Innocently driven him coo-coo.
He tried to cross me,
He tried to boss me
And ev’rybody else is bossing too.

No! No! Nanette!
That’s all I hear get it the whole day through.
No! No! Nanette
Regales my ear,
No matter what I may do.
Sometime, perhaps I’ll have my way,
When I am old and turning grey;
But just as yet
It’s always:
‘No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Nanette!’



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