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Poem by Virginia K. Logan, Music by Frederic Knight Logan

Copyright MCMXXIV by Forster Music Pub, Inc., Chicago, Ill.


  1. “The Sunset Trail of Gold” by Allic Foland Criss, James G. MacDermid. Page 2.

  2. “Tho Shadows Falls” by Annelu Burns, James G. MacDemid. Page 2.

  3. “E’en As The Flower” by Frederic Knight Logan. Page 7.

  4. “Once Thru the Moonlit Shadow” by Logan. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
O blissful memory!
The soft shades of twilight o’er all the hill and vale
The pipes of the shepherd call his flock to the fold
And sadly the voice of the nightingale is calling,
While lonely I’m yearning for those days as of old
Again thro’ this wildwood in mem’ry I’m roaming
Far down by the brooklet where sweet violets grew,
The faint chime of vespers I hear in the gloaming
Once more as in childhood I ram again with you.
N twilight’s soft purple the scene now fases before me
As night draws her veil across the valley and hills,
My heart it is longing
For just one hour to be
Back home with the lov’d ones there,
Far over the hills.



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