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Rose Marie

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“Musical Play”

Books and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart, Dancing Ensembles by David Bennett

Harms Incorporated, New York

Copyright MCMXXIV by Harms Inc., N.Y.


  1. “June Brought The Roses”, Words by Ralph Stanley, Music by John Openshaw. Back page.


[Verse 1]
Sweet Rose Marie,
It’s easy to see
Why all who learn to know you love your,
You’re gently and kind, Divinely designed,
As graceful as the pines above you
There’s an angel’s breath beneath your sigh
There’s a little divil in your eye

[Verse 2]
Song of the Spring
Is heard when you sing,
And when you laugh the birds seem trilling
But angry, og my!
You’d think that the sky
With storms from the north is filling.
Then when smiles have chased away your frown,
Seems the sun itself is shining down.

Rose Marie, I love you!
I’m always dreaming of you.
No matter what I do, I can’t forget you;
Sometimes I wish that I had never meet you!
And yet if I should lose you,
‘Twould mean my very life to me;
Of all the queens that ever lived I’d choose you
To rule me, my Rose Marie



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