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By Benny Davis, Mark Fisher, and Joe Burke

“With Ukulele Arrangement”

Irving Berlin, Inc., Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, New York

“Oh How I Miss You To-Night” recitation


  1. “The Melody Song Hit Of The Hour Yearning (Just For You)” by Benny Davis and Joe Burke. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
The days are so long, seems ev’ry thing’s wrong.
For now I’m alone and blue, I still love you dear,
I wish you were here,
Come back and forgive please do.

[Verse 2]
Altho’ you are gone, still love lingers on,
I just can’t believe it’s true,
Awake or sleep, my though seem to creep, right back to the days spent with you

[Verse 3]
The days are are so long, seems ev’ry thing’s wrong,
For I’m all alone and blue,
Oh mother of mine, for you how I pine,
The nighttime brings mem’ries of you.

Oh, how I miss you tonight!
Miss you while light are low,
Oh, how I need your tonight!
More than you’ll ever know
I made believe for awhile,
Hiding each tear with a smile,
But my heart won’t stop aching, please keep it from breaking,
Oh pal how I miss you tonight!

Oh, how I miss you tonight!
Miss you while the lights are low,
Oh, how I need you tonight!
I was a fool just to roam,
Leaving you there all alone,
For there isn’t another,
Another like Mother,
Old pal I miss you tonight!



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