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Guy Massey

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“Ballad with Violin Obligato”

Words and Music by Guy Massey

Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. Music Publishers, New York

“The Prisoner’s Song Male Quartette” by Guy Massey, Page 2.

“A violin solo is suggested between the third and fourth stanzas”

Copyright MCMXXIV by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. Cer. Broadway & 47th Street New York

Propiedad Asegurada Para La Republica Mexicana MCMXXIV.


  1. “The Convict And The Rose” Words and Music by Betty Chapin. Back Page.

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[Stanza 1]
Oh! I wish I had someone to love me
Someone to call me their own
Oh! I wish I had someone to live with
‘Cause I’m tired of livin’ alone:

[Stanza 2]
I’ll be carried to the new jail tomorrow
Leaving my poor darling alone
With the cold prison bars all around me,
And my head on a pillow of stone

[Stanza 3]
Now if I had wings like an angel
Over these prison walls I would fly
And I’d fly to the arms of my poor darlin’
And there I’d be willing to die

[Stanza 4]
Oh! Please meet me tonight in the moonlight
Please meet me tonight all alone
For I have a sad story to tell you
It’s a story that’s never been told.

[Stanza 5]
Now I have a grand ship on the ocean
All mounted with silver and gold
And before my poor darlin’ would suffer
Oh! That ship would be anchored and sold



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