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Words by B.G. DeSylva, Music by James F. Hanley, Sung by John McCormack with Ukulele accompaniment

Harms Incorporated, New York

Copyright MCMXXV by Harms Inc. N.Y.


  1. “My Desire” Words by Nelle Richmond Eberhart, Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman. Page 2.

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[Verse 1]
When you’ve wandered alone on the highways
With the wind and the resin in your hair;
When your wisdom you’ve bought
As you struggled for naught Toward the rainbow that vanished in air;
Then a weariness comes and a longing
For a shelter and comfort apart. And you smile on the past
That has shown you at last
The desire that is deep in your heart:

[Verse 2]
It’s a joy to be eager and youthful
With a courage that never is spent;
Oh, it’s youth that will long
For the road and a song,
And it’s youth that is never content; So we answer the call of ambition;
For in power we feel there is bliss
Though our vict’ry is won,
When it’s all said and done,
There is nothing so precious this:

Just a cottage small by a waterfall,
At the closing of the day
With someone to wait by a garden gate
Who will charm your troubles away,
Be it humble and all tumble down,
If there’s love to welcome you,
Just a cottage small by a waterfall
Is a place where dreams come true!
Just a place where dreams come true!



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