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Words and Music by Bud DeSylvia, Bud Green, and Ray Henderson

Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Music Publishers Cor. Broadway & 47th Street New York

Copyright MCMXXV by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. Cor. Broadway & 47th Street, New York.

Propiedad Asegurada Para La Republica Mexicana MXMXXV Todos Los Derechose Reservados


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[Verse 1]
Goodbye, blues
Birdie are singin’ ev’ry old think in tune,
Goodbye, blues
Nothin’ but laughter mornin’ and afternoon
Saw rosebud in a store
So I’m goin; where there’s more,
Goodbye, blues!
Trouble are over I’ll never I’ll be in closer soon:

[Verse 2]
Hello, joy
Never knew I wouldm never knew I could smile,
Hello, joy
Tho’ Ive been tearful I see each other cheerful smile
I’ve been dreamin’ dreams each
Of that sunshine far away,
Hello, joy
No one’s been sadder now I’ll be glad a while.

I’m Alabamy bound
There’ll be no “Heebie Jeebies” hangin’ round
Just gave the meanest ticket man on earth
All I’m worth
To put my tootsies in an upper berth
Just hear that choo choo sound lucky hound
I know that soon we’re goin’ to cover ground
And then I’ll holler, so the world will know
“Here I go”
To have someone to put my arms around
That’s why I’m shoutin’ for the world to know
“Here I go”
I’m Alabamy bound
I’m Alabamy bound
Fie’ds o’ cotton tell me where I am
Heart that feller yellin “Alabama”



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