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Ukulele Lady

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Written by Gus Khan

Composed by Richard A. Whiting

Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd., 138-140 Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2.

Copyright 25 by Irving Berlin Inc. 1607 Broadway, New York


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[Verse 1]
I saw the splendour of the moonlight
On Honolulu Bay
There’s something tender in the moonlight,
On Honolulu Bay;
And all the beachers
Are fill of peachers
Who brings their “ukes” along,
And in the glimmer of the moonlight
They love to sing their song.

[Verse 2]
She used to sing to me by moonlight,
On Honolulu Bay,
Dond mem’ries cling to me by moonlight,
Altho’ I’m far away.
Someday I’m going
Where eyes are glowing
And lips are made to kiss,
To see somebody in the moonlight
And hear the song I miss.

If you like a Ukulele Lady like a you.
If you like to longer where its shady,
Ukulele Lady linger too.
If you kiss a Ukulele Lady,
Will you promise ever to be true?
And she see another Ukulele Lady around with you
Maybe she’ll sigh, Maybe she’ll cry, Maybe she’ll find somebody else,
By and by to sing to,
When it’s cool and shady, Where the tricky Wicki Wackies won;
If you like a Ukulele Lady, Ukulele Lady like a you.



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