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Irving Berlin

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Words and Music by Irving Berlin

Staged by John Murray Anderson

Irving Berlin, Inc. Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, New York

Copyright MCMXXIV by Irving Berlin Inc. 1607 Bway N.Y.


  1. “Song Gems” advertisement, back page.

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[Verse 1]
The time for beaus to propose, is the Springtime.
Ev’ry girl becomes sentimental then
A girl will part with her heart in the Springtime,
To the love sick boy who propose,
With the bloom of the roses.

[Verse 2]
A sweet romance has a chance, in the Springtime.
That’s only time when the peaches fall
Because we find love is blind in the Springtime,
And you tale of love overpowers,
If you say it with flowers.

Tell her in the Springtime, in May or in June.
Tell her in the Springtime, the best time to spoon,
When ev’rything begins blossoming, you’ll hear
Mendelsohn’s Spring Song tune When the moon is shining you speak of her charms
Then is when she’s pining to rest in your arms
Don’t worry so she won’t answer “No”
If you play Romeo in the Spring.



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