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Book by Otto Harnach and Oscar Hammerstein 2nd

Music by Jerome Kern

Staged by Hassard Short

T.B. Harms Company New York

Copyright MCMXXV by T.B. Harms Co. N.Y.


  1. “No One Knows,” Words by Anne Caldwell, Music by Jerome Kern. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
Here you come a running back in to my me’ry’s eye,
Little playmate once my gaymate in a day gone by.
Ragged dresses, tangled tresses flying over the hill,
Heaven bless us!
You’ve no less a share of Jack than Jill.
You funny little will-o-wispy,
Sassy little lispy,
That describes her to a T.
She is full of fun, he Sunny.
Named the lady perfectly,
She is bright and sunny.
Never comb your hair Sunny!
Leave the breeze there Sunny!
Let your stocking fall down,
For shocking the town is all that you do.
Smiling all the while,
Tomboy, where’d you get your smile from boy?
Little sunny girl,
Be my honey girl, I’m for you!



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