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Ding Dong

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Words and Music by A. E. Buckingham

Published by Fireside Songs, Berkeley, Calif.

Copyright MCMXXVI by A.E. Buckingham

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[Verse 1]
The bell buoy gives warning to men on the sea
Of the rocks ‘neath the current strong
It tells them of dangers which they cannot see
By the toll of it’s warning gong
At night in the dark or when sailing along
‘Midst storms that are wild and strong
There’s many a ship that it saves from the waves
When it tolls as it rolls, ding dong.

[Verse 2]
The bell buoy’s a friend to all men of the sea
When it’s close by where they hail from
‘Tis then that it sounds like some sweet melody
When they hear it’s welcome ding dong
It tells them of those who have waited alone
With love that is firm and strong
When outside the harbor that’s near home sweet home
There is joy in it’s sweet ding dong

Ding dong, Ding dong, Ding dong, Ding dong,
It rings out clear and strong.
The bell keeps tolling day and night
It’s warning note, ding dong.
It’s warning note, ding dong.

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