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Baby Face

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Song with Ukulele by Benny Davis and Harry Akst

Jerome H. Remick & Co.

New York… Detroit

Copyright MCMXXVI by Jerome H. Remick & Co, New York & Detroit


  1. “Hi-Ho The Merrio (As Long As She Loves Me),” Lyric by Lew Brown and Benny Davis, Music by Con Conrad. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
Rosy cheeks and turn’d up nose and curly hair
I’m raving ‘bout my baby now
Pretty little dimples here and dimples there
Don't want to live without her
I love her goodness knows
I wrote a song about her,
And here’s the way it goes

[Verse 2]
When you were a baby not so long ago
You mist have been the cutest thing
I can picture you at ev’ry baby show
Just winnin’ ev’ry ribbon with your sweet baby way
Say honest I ain’t fibbin’
You’d win ‘em all today

Baby face
You’ve got the cutest little baby face
There’s not another one could take your place
Baby face
My poor heart is jumpin’
You sure have started somethin’
Baby face I’m up in heaving when
I’m in your fond embrace I didn’t need a shove
‘Cause I just fell in love
With your pretty baby face

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