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Words & Music by Lew Brown and Sidney Clare

Irving Berlin Inc., Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, New York

Copyright MCMXXVI by Irving Berlin, inc., 1607 Broadway, New York


  1. “How many times” by Irving Berlin. Back Page

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[Verse 1]
I don’t know where you are
I don’t know if you still care
I only know that I miss you so
I’ve searched for you ev’rywhere

[Verse 2]
I know that I’m to blame
That’s why we’ve drifted apart
But if you knew what I’m going through
You would forgive me sweetheart

I’d climb the highest mountain if I knew that when I climbed that mountain I’d find you
I’d swim the deepest river if I knew that when I swam that river I’d find you
Without you dear, my life means nothing to me no matter where you are that’s where I want to be
I’d pray to get to Heaven ‘Cause I know that I got Heaven I’d find you

I’d climb the highest mountain if I knew that when I climbed that mountain I’d find you
I’d pay the price of sorrow if I only knew that some tomorrow I’d find you There’s not a single thing that I wouldn’t dare if I knew that you would be waiting for me there
I’d give my greatest treasure
If I knew by giving up that treasure I’d find you

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