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Words by Lucien Boyer and Jacques Charles, American version by Cliffor Grey, Music by Jose Padilla

Harms Incorporated, New York.

Copyright MCMXXV by Francis Salabert

American Version Copyright MCMXVI by Francis Salabert, Inc.


  1. “The Vagabond Lover” advertisement. Back Page.

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In my dreams it always seems I hear you softly call to me;
Where the orange trees for ever scent the breeze
Beside the sea.
Valencia! In my arms I held your charms
Beneath the blossoms high above
You loved me:
In Valencia long agai we found out Paradise of Love!
In a magic dream of mem’ry
I see you again
In that old town far away
Beneath skies of Spain.
That city of tender romances,
So shy were your glances
And swift as the sunshine that dances
Through the Orange Grove.

[French Version]
Valencia! Terre exquise Ou la brise effeuille les fleurs d'oranger!
Valencia! Doux rivage Ou le nuage emporte nos rêves légers!
Valencia! Fleur perverse Qui Quinousver
Touse les parfums tour à tour
Je t’aime
Car j’eus le bonheur suprême
Dans Ton paradis d’amour!
Sur La rive enchanteresse,
Sous ton ciel si doux,
J’ui connu l’ivres se
Du premier rendez vou
C’est la que le coeur angoisse
Les yeux pleins de fièvres
Jaillais se cueillir sur ses lèvres
Le premier baiser Valencia!

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