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“Popular Edition”

Lyric by Gus Kahn, Music by Walter Donaldson

Leo. Feist Inc. New York

Copyright MCMXXVI by Leo Feist, Inc. Feist Building, New York, USA Advertisement:

  1. “Good Old Timers” advertisement. Page 3.

  2. “You Can’t Go Wring With These ‘Feist’ Songs”. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
I saw a lot of little birds today
Getting set to flyaway, Flyaway and stay away down south.
Wish I were a little birdie, too,
Just to have a little bird's eye view
Of a place I knew away down south.

[Verse 2]
I’m gonna get myself an aeroplane
Just so I can fly away,
Flyaway and stay away down south.
Bring along my little Kodak, too,
Just to take some old time scenes I knew
I will get some view away down south.

What I’d do for a bird’s eye view of a place I knew where the sunflower’s grew,
Just a bird’s eye view of my old Kentucky Home.
What I’d do for a postal card
Or a picture card of the old backyard
And the golden rod in my old Kentucky home.
Somewhere a voice is calling,
And there’s where I’m gonna roam.
In an birds are glad ‘cause they have some view,
But I’ll be sad till I get one too,
Just a bird’s eye view
Of my old Kentucky Home.

[After Patter]
Sorrow will phase tomorrow,
‘Cause down where I’m gonna roam.
In an aeroplane I would gladly go,
In a parachute I would drop below,
For a bird’s eye view Of my old Kentucky home.

If my heart had wings I’d fly away, fly away today.
If my feet were wheels I’d roll away,
Roll away to stay,
But I’ve got no winds and my feet ain’t wheels
And my shows ain’t all O.K.
Oh, I’ve got no ticket and the walkin’s wicked,
But I’ve got to get back some way.
I know that

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