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Arthur A. Penn

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Carissima, Waltz ballad. Lyric and Music by Arthur A. Penn, composer of "Santanitza" etc. Female and mixed voices, 25 centst each net. Solo 40 cents net. Duet 50 cents net. M. Witmark & sons, New York.

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Oh, hark to the sound of the music and laughter that fills the air;
The strains of sweet melody haunting are floating ev’ry where.
Come now, Carissima, They’re calling to you and to me,
Oh, come raise your eyes, my dear one, and join in the revelry!
Soft breezes sigh and whisper to the leaves,
Love laden vows, under the boughs,
Bourne on the breeze to you and me,
Ev’ry sign seems to breathe of love tonight,
Oh, sweet delight love’s old story I’ll tell to you,
Dear heart, and read your answer right.
Sing a song of happiness,
Just a kiss and a sweet caress,
Come, Oh! Carrisisma, come to my heart tonight!
Ah! Life was only made for laughter,
Ah! What tho’ the tears come after
Ah! Life was only made for laughter
Ah! What tho’ the tears come after!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Come, Oh, Carissima, come to my heart for I love, I love!



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