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Some Day

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Words by Larry Spier, Music by W.C. Polla

Irving Berlin, Inc. Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway New York

Copyright MCMXXVI by Irving Berlin Inc. 1607 Broadway, N.Y.C.


  1. “I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do” by Sam Coslow & Larry Spier. Page 5.

  2. “I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do” by Sam Coslow & Larry Spier. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
If you’re alone,
And never know,
Someone’s kisses,
Don’t pine away,
There’ll come a day,
You’ll know what real bliss is.

[Verse 2]
Someday a heart,
Now far apart,
Will beat for you,
You will rejoice,
Hearing a voice,
Whisper that I love you

Some day, Some day, someone true,
Will know, you’re so lonely.
Someday, someone just as blue,
Will sigh “Be my only”
And someday tears will turn to laughter,

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