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“Popular Edition”

Leo. Feist Inc. New York

Canda.Leo. Feist. Limited. 193 Yonge St.Toronto.

Copyright MCMXXVI by Leo. Feist Inc., Feist Building, New York


  1. “Barcelona” Words by Gus Kahn, Music by Tolchard Evan. Page 2.

  2. “Good Old Timers” advertisement. Bottom of Page 4.

  3. “You Can’t Go Wrong With These ‘Feist’ Songs” advertisements. Back page.

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[Verse 1]
Who's that baby that I see,
All dolled up like a Christmas tree?
Who’s that, what’s that coming down my way?
What’s her name? Bet it’s Rose, ‘cause she’s sweet as the Rose that grows, I’d like to go right up to her and say:

[Verse 2]
I’ve been searching carefully,
You’re the one that appeals to me,
Maybe someday I’ll appeal to you.
Seems I’ve lost my appetite,
I just can't sleep a wink at night, so please don't keep me guessing like you do.

Where’d you get those eyes? Where’d you get those lips?
Where’d you get dimples, honey?
Where’d you get that smile so sunny?
Those chin, those nose, those rosy cheeks,
I’m gone, been gone, for weeks and weeks,
How’d you grow so sweet?
How’d you grow so nice?
Where’d you get that new blue bonnet,
With the doowackedoodoos on it?
Please make me happy and put me wise.
Where’d you get those great big eyes?
Where’d you get those eyes? Where’d you get those ears?
Where’d you get those what's this honey?
Make me feel so, oh, funny.
Don’t eat, can’t eat, can’t sleep at night,
Those charms, those arms, that hold me tight,
Where’d you learn to hug?
Where’d you learn to kiss?
Ev’ry time you kiss me, sister, on my lips I find a blister,
You’ve got me dizzy, I’m hypnotized,
Where;d you get those great big eyes?

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