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Slumber Boat

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Words by Alice C.D. Riley
Music by Jessie L. Gaynor

Copyright 1898 by Clayton F. Summy Co. Copyright renewed 1926 by Alice C.D. Riley, Dorothy Gaynor Blake and Rose Gaynor Barrett

Songs by Jessie L. Gaynor on p. 1. Themes from inspiring sacred songs on p. 4.

Part for solo vocal line with three verses of text printed on opposite side (score includes only two verses).

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Baby's boat's the silver moon,
Sailing in the sky,
Sailing o'er the sea of sleep,
While the clouds float by.

Sail, baby, sail,
Out upon that sea,
Only don't for get to sail,
Back again to me.

Baby's fishing for a dream,
Fishing near and far,
His line a silver moonbeam is,
His bait a silver star.


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