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Mabel Wayne

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“Popular Edition”

Lyrics by Lewis and Young, Music by Mabel Wayne

Leo. Feist New York

Copyright MCMXXVI by Leo. Feist Inc. Feist Building, New York, USA


  1. “Honolulu Moon,” Words and Music by Fred Lawrence

  2. “You Can’t Go Wrong With These ‘Feist’ Songs,” Back page.

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Ev’ning are crowded with memories,
Thrilling me again,
Like that night in Spain.
Someone is sharing my memories
Wonder does she grieve,
Ev’ry lovely ev’ning:

[Verse 2]
Somehow I keep on remembering,
Tears that said goodbye,
Shining in her eye,
Wonder does she keep remembering
Promises of mine
When the moon is shining:

In a little Spanish town,
‘Twas on a night like this,
Stars were peekabooing down,
‘Twas on a night like this,
I whispered “Be true to me,”
And she sighed:“Si, Si,”
Many skies have turned to gray,
Because we’re far apart,
Many moons have passed away,
And still she’s in my heart,
We made a promise and sealed it with a kiss,
In a little Spanish town,
‘Twas on a night like this.


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