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Words by Billy Rose, Music by Lee David

Henry Waterson Inc.

1571 Broadway, New York, N.Y.

Waterson. Berling & Snyder Co.

Selling Agents

Copyright MCMXXVI by Henry Waterson Inc. New York City


  1. Music Samples. Page 2.

  2. Music Samples. Back page.


[Verse 1]
Once more we meet,
You look so sweet,
Dear, can’t you see how I feel?
I love you still,
I always will,
You have the same old appeal.

[Verse 2]
Out of my arms,
Still in my heart,
You’re always near me it seems.
Don’t let your pride,
Hide what’s inside,
Don’t close the door on your dreams.

Though you belong to somebody else,
Tonight you belong to me.
Though we’re apart, you’re part of my heart,
Tonight you belong to me.
Down by the stream, how sweet it will seem,
Once more to dream in the moonlight.
Though with the dawn, I know you’ll be gone,
Tonight you belong to me!

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