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Carrier Dove

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Ninth edition, The Carrier Dove. Also the spirit bird, the additional words by the Rev. Dr. J.N. Maffit, the music composed & arranged for the piano forte by Daniel Johnson. New York, Published at 201, Broadway, by Atwill.

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Fly away to my native land sweet dove,
Fly away to my native land.
And hear these lines to my lady love,
That I’ve trae’d with a feeble hand,
She marvels much at my long delay
A rumour of death she has heard,
Or she thinks perhaps I falsely stray,
Then fly to her bower sweet dove.

Oh! Fly to her bower, and say, the chain,
Of the tyrant is o’er me now.
That I never shall mount my steed again.
With helmet upon my brow
No friend to my lattice a solace brings,
Except when your voice is heard
When you beat the bars with your snowy wings,
Then fly to her bower sweet bird.

I shall miss thy visit at dawn, sweet dove
I shall miss thy visit at eve,
But bring me a line from my lady love,
And then I shall cease to grieve!
I can bear in a dungeon to waste away youth.
I can fall by the conqueror's sword
But I cannot endure she should doubt my truth
Then fly to her bower sweet bird.

Additional words.

Oh! fly to their Bowers sweet dove, and say
The light of hope is on me now,
I long to list to a Seraph's lay
With bright glory upon my brow,
I feel that this world is not my home
An Angel's sweet voice I've heard,
It comes from beyond the dark lone tomb,
Oh! fly to their bowers, Sweet Bird.

I will wait thy coming at dawn, sweet dove,
I will wait thy coming at eve,
But bear some news from the friends I love,
And then I shall cease to grieve,
I could spring from this prison on wings of love
I could fall by death's conquering sword,
But i cannot stay from my friends above
Oh fly to their bowers Sweet Bird.



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