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Down Amongst The Sugar-Cane

Written by Avery and Hart
Composed by Cecil Mark and Chris Smith
Writers of "He's a Cousin of Mine" and "You're in the Right Church etc."

As Sung by Clara Morton, of the 4 Mortons

The Gotham Attucks music Co. (Inc) -- The House of Melody 50 West 29th St. N.Y. City

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Words by Alex Rodgers Music by William Morrison Cook and Chris Smith

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[Verse 1]

Down in Lousianna,
Where the sugar can grows,
Oh Oh my!
Lives Miss Susiana,
She's the sweetest girl I know,
Oh! Oh! my!
When my work is over-mongst the sugar cane
To her home I go just at the bend of the lane
'neath her cabin window I am singing this refrain
Oh! Oh! my!


Can't you see the night am falling?
Whippoorwill am singing low
Don't you hear the crickets calling?
Calling you and met to go
Susie don't you keep me waiting
If you do 'twill cause me pain
The moon am shining, and my heart am pining
Meet me down among the sugar cane

[Verse 2]

'Taint no use atalking,
There will be a wedding soon,
Oh, Oh my!
Met her last December
and we are goin' to wed in June
Oh, Oh my!
Susiana's goin' to be my blushing bride
I can see myself a-standing closer by her side
'deed I'll be happy person when the knot am tied
Oh! Oh! my!



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