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As sung at the funeral of our martyred president William McKinley by Euterpean Quartette

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

A soprano solo with organ or piano accompaniment
A quartette for men's voices
A quartette for women's voices
All three arrangements in one copy

Music by J.S. Fearis
Words by Jessie Brown Pounds

European quartette
Harriet Levinger - first soprano
Fannie Levinger - second soprano
Katherine Baehrens - second alto
Jeannette Bauhof - first alto

Foster Music Publisher Inc Chicago

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere solo
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Men's Voices
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Women's Voices as sung by the Euterpean quartet of Canton, Ohio

Sacrament - A Love Song on the back cover

It is not often a composer's privilege to write such a song as "Sacrament" The author of the lines, with the greatest delicacy, has pointed to a Sacred rite as the aspiration of the human sentiment, if not the ultimate. Mr Mac Desmid has discerned the finer meaning and has produced a song, which if he had written no other, would bring him enduring fame. Published in 4 keys.

"If I could have certain treasure rare,
I'd place it in a casket wondrous fair,
Build it a shrine, and worship there
If I could have your heart to answer"

Get it from your music dealer. Price 40 cents per copy. If for any reason he won't supply you mail amount state direct to the publisher. Foster Music Publisher Inc. 235 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago Ill. Send 3 cent stamp for a beautiful illustrated thematic catalog


Somewhere the sun is shining,
Somewhere the song-birds dwell;
Hush, then, thy sad repining
God lives, and all is well

Somewhere, somewhere beautiful Isle of Somewhere!
Land of the true, where we live a new Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Somewhere the load is lifted, close by an open gate
Somewhere the clouds are rifted, somewhere the angels wait

Verse 2 (male version) (woman version)

Somewhere day is longer,
Somewhere the task is done;
Somewhere the heart is stronger
Somewhere the guerdon won

Verse 3 (male version) (woman version)
Somewhere the load is lifted,
Close by an open gate,
Somewhere the clouds are rifted,
Somewhere the angels wait


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