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The Rosary

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The Rosary

Words by Robert Cameron Rodgers
Music by Georgia B. Welles

Copyright 1903 by Armstronh Music Publishing Co.; 17 W. 28th Street NY
Entered according to the Act of Parliament of Canada in the year MCMIII by Whaley, Royce & Co. at the Department of Agriculture

Beaux Arts Edition
Eclipse Publishing Co. 136N 9th St. Philadelphia PA

Inside Front Cover:
Try This Over On Your Piano: Love and Passion (Pensee Pathetique)
Written by J. Messina
A soldier who wears no uniform -- the new march song of the season
Copyright 1902 by Jos. Morris

Back cover: advertisement for To Miss Marguerite Britton Rudy of Philadelphia PA Love's Golden Star (reverie) written by Louis a Drumheller, Op. 66. Copyright MCMVIII by Joseph Morris in Philadelphia PA

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[Verse 1]

The hours I spent with thee.
Dear heart, Are as a string of pearls to me
I count them over each one apart
My rosary, my rosary

[Verse 2]

Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer
To still a heart in absence wrung
I tell each bead unto the end
And there a cross is hung

[Verse 3]

Oh memories that bless and burn,
Oh barren bargain, oh bitter loss
I touch each bead at last to learn to kiss the cross
To kiss the cross, the cross, sweetheart


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