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At Dawning: I love you

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Charles Wakefield Cadman

High voice in a♭ -- 40 net
Medium voice in g ♭ -- 40 net
Lower Medium voice in f -- 40 net
Low voice in e -- 40 net

High and Medium in a-- 40 net
Medium and low in f -- 40 net
Violin and piano -- 40 net
Cello and Piano - 40 net

Piano solo - 40 net

Boston: Oliver Diston Company
New York: Chas. H. Dicton & Co. Chicago. Lyon & Healy Inc.
Made in the USA

Inside cover page above the sheet music
Low voice - violin obbligato
Andante fazioso

Back Cover
Favourite Songs of Famous Singers
Chosen by these artists from their own repertoire

Emma Calvé - My Favourite French Songs, Books I and II for high voice, low voice
The great singer here gathers together her fifty two favourites among French songs -- some folk songs, some modern and some operatic. Included are a few "Songs my Grandmother sang," making a truly unique and distinguished collection. Complete with biographic sketch, portraits and an introduction form Mme. Calvé's pen.

Elena Gerhardt -- My Favourite Songs for high and low voice
One of the world's greatest Lieder-singers, Miss Gerhardt has from her extensive repertoire chosen for this volume twenty nine of her favourite songs. The book contains an autobiographical sketch, preface and portraits.

Julia Culp -- My Favourite Songs -- Books I and II, each for high and low voice
The favourite songs of this famous Lieder-singer are drawn from the music of many different lands, from her native Holland to our own America, France, Germany, Ireland, etc. This collection is made up of sixty-five numbers that have won Mme. Culp's attention as well as provided their acceptability to her enthusiastic audiences. Portraits and a charming introduction rom the singer's own pen enrich the book.

Alma Gluck - My Favourite Songs for high voice and low voice
No contemporary recital singer has a larger following of charmed listeners than Mme. Gluck, and her excellent choice of songs play aa vital part in her success. The numbers included in this volume she has gathered from many sources; but they all serve to display the suave lyricism, and delicate nuances, and the arch humour of her captivating art. Portraits and an introduction form the pen of the singer complete the attractive features of the book.

Geraldine Farrar - My Favourite Songs for high and low voice
Miss Farrar not only wears the laurels of the opera house, but has won new distinction as an interpreter of songs. The thirty four given in this volume are truly her favourites and make a collection as individual as the singer herself.

Marcella Sembrich - My Favourite Folksongs for high and low voice
Marcella Sembrich was the first among great singers to reveal the treasures of folksong, and her knowledge of these gems from many lands is most extensive. In this volume she has collected those which her experience were grateful to the singer and pleasing to her audiences.

Each of the above volumes, $1.50 net

Alma Gluck and Paul Reimers: Folksongs and other duets -- for two high voices or for high and medium voices
The numbers in these volumes are largely those which the two favourite singers have used successfully in their joint recitals. Each volume contains many folksongs, specially arranged in duet form by Mr Reimers, for this collection. The other numbers are duets of great beauty, drawn from the works of standard composers of several nationalities including American.

Boston: Oliver Ditson Company


score is incomplete -- pp. 2-3 wanting but all lyrics are as followed

When the dawn flames in the sky, I love you
When the birdlings wake and cry, I love you
When the swaying blades of corn
Whisper soft and brewing morn
Love to me anew is born, I love you

Dawn and dew proclaim my dream, I love you
Chant the birds one thrilling theme, I love you
All the sounds of morning meet,
Break in yearnings at your feet
Come and answer, come, my sweet, I love you


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