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Sam Brown

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Sam Brown or the Susquehanna Raftsman

Words and Melody by S. A Wells Esq. of Dumbolton's Ethiopian Serenaders
Music Arranged for the piano by J P Ordway

Boston published by A & J P Ordway 339 Washington St
Walters & Berry 447 Broadway New York

25 cents

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Verse 1
Oh I'm chief Engeneer on de Susquehanna raft,
And when I've wind and tide I can run down any craft
I blow de horn and raise de steam and dance de Juba too
I facinates de gals on shore and make de men look blue

Chorus (4 parts SATB)
Den Float away den float away
down by de ribers tide
For mercy is de raftsman life
When his gal am by his side

Verse 2
And when I gets to Sandy Point, on de shores of Maryland
I'll run my raft up high and dry, and make tracks through de sand
I soon arrive at Dinah's hut, I listen at de door,
Lor! What sweet music I do hear, it is my Dinah's snore

Chorus repeats

Verse 3
I touches den my banjo string, and sings dat good old tune,
De white folks sing in Baltimore, dey call it "Old Zip Coon"
Oh den I hear a voice widin, wid who dat at de door?
Says I its me my Dinah dea, Sam Brown of Baltimore

Chorus repeats

Verse 4
Is dat you Sam? You'de better go or else I'll smash your head,
Last week I married yellow Joe, he's snoring in his bed
Dat was enough I cut my stick, though it went agin de grain
And didn't stop till I was safe upon my raft again

Chorus repeats

Verse 5
Then gaily down the ribers side, with merry heart I go
For Dinah's not de only gal, in all de world I know,
I know another she's a belle, and lives in Baltimore,
But Ladies -- it, is none of you; so you need not bolt your door

Chorus repeats


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