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Title: By The Light Of The Jungle Moon

Also includes sheet music for a Quartett for Male or Mixed Voices.

Lyrics by: Powell I. Ford

Music by: J.Caldwell Atkinson

Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York, Detroit

Copyright: 1911 by Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York & Detroit Copyright, Canada, 1911 by Jerome H. Remick & Co. Propiedad para la Republica Mexicana de Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York y Detroit. Depositada conforme a la ley.

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[Verse 1]
When the jungle trees are swaying, bending to the breezes, playing,
After the sun goes down.
Little monkey eyes are gleaming, little monkey hearts are dreaming,
Down in Jungle town.
Ev’ry eye is turned toward the eastern sky, they’re watching for the jungle noon.
Watching for its beams of yellow, when the jungle moon is mellow,
That’s the time when monkeys like to spoon.

By the light of the jungle moon, in the treetops above,
Monkey boy sings a loving tune to his own turtle dove.
And he whispers “Sweet Monkey Maid, won’t you come out and spoon?
Here’s where the bliss is, come get your kisses,
By the light of the jungle moon.”

[Verse 2]
Listen to the awful clatter, monkeys wonder what’s the matter,
There goes a monkey lad.
Crashing through the jungle branches, close behind him taking chances,
Comes Miss Monkey’s Dad.
Seems as if her angry Papa saw him kiss her and he means to catch him soon,
Whill the old man tries to find him, Monkey boy will steal behind him,
Back where sweet Miss Monkey waits to spoon.

[Chorus x2]


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