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Title: Ja-Da

Note below title: The sale of this song will be for the benefit of the Navy Relief Society, the society that guards the home of the men who guard the seas.

Lyrics and music by: Bob Carleton U.S.N.R.F.

Publisher: Leo Feist Inc. New York

Copyright: 1918 by Leo Feist, Inc. Feist Building, N.Y. International Copyright Secured and Reserved London – Herman Darewski Music Pub. Co.

Advertisements: back cover – Reduced reproduction of a full page $5,000.00 Advertisement in The Saturday Evening Post: Sing on to Victory with Songs of Cheer [song book].

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[Verse 1]
You’ve heard all about your raggy melodies, ev’rything from opera down to harmony,
But I’ve a little song that I will sing to you, it’s going to win you thru and thru.
There ain’t much to the words but the music is grand, and you’ll be singing it to beat the band.
Now you’ve heard of your “Will O’ The Wisp” but give a little listen to this:
It goes

Ja da, ja da, ja da ja da jing jing jing,
Ja da, ja da, ja da ja da jing jing jing,
That’s a funny little bit of melody
It’s so soothing and appealing to me, it goes
Ja da, ja da, ja da ja da jing jing jing!

[Verse 2]
Now ev’ryone was singing a Hawaiian strain, ev’ryone seem’d to have it on their brain,
When Yaka Hicky Hoola Do was all the craze, why that’s the one that had ‘em dazed.
The object now is for something new, something that will appeal to you.
And here’s a little melody that you will find, will linger, linger there in your mind.
It goes

[Chorus x2]


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