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Title: The Rose Of The Mountain Trail

Lyrics by: Jack Caddigan

Music by: Jas. A. Brennan

Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York, Detroit

Copyright: 1914 by O.E. Story, 218 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. International Copyright Secured. Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada in the year 1914 by O.E. Story at the Dept. of Agriculture. Copyright assigned to Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1914.

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[Verse 1]
Far away on a mountain trail way down in Mexico
Ev’ry day when the sun is sinking low and the tropic breezes blow
There I stray to a flower bower near a bungalow
To my Rose who is waiting there.

On the Mountain Trail, on the Mountain Trail,
There’s a Rose that grows so wonderful
It’s the only Rose that the Mountain knows
It was placed there just for me and I will take her soon on a saddleback Honeymoon
I’ll strike a golden claim when I change the name
Of the Rose of the Mountain Trail.

[Verse 2]
Moon shines bright on that mountain trail way down in Mexico
Its lovelight shining like a beacon there on the blackness of her hair
Wondrous sight in among the cactus of the mountain trail
Just one Rose growing all alone.

[Chorus x2]


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