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Title: That Dear Old Mother Of Mine

Lyrics by: Richard W. Pascoe

Music by: Hans Von Holstein and Alma M. Sanders

Publisher: Buck and Lowney, St. Louis, U.S.A.

Copyright: 1915 by Buck & Lowney, St. Louis – New York British copyright secured.

Advertisements: inside front cover – sheet music for A Dutch Waltz by Clair Van Lynden dedicated to Her Royal Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. Copyright 1915 by Buck & Lowney. back cover – sheet music for The Girl of the Limberlost by Richard A. Whiting, Hans Von Holstein and Richard W. Pascoe. Copyright 1915 by Buck & Lowney.

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[Verse 1]
The sun had kiss’d the hills “goodbye” all nature was at rest
When by a stream, I stood to dream, of one I loved the best
I’ve brought but sorrow to her heart, my life I’ve lived in vain
Last night I dream’d, last night it seem’d, that I was young again.

I was dreaming in the ev’ning of an old sweetheart,
So far away, so far away,
I could hear her gently sighing, I could hear her cry
For the boy who went astray
I love that brow all furrowed now, I love those eyes that shine
For there’s not another sweetheart in this wide, wide world,
Like that dear old Mother of mine.

[Verse 2]
There comes a time when hearts like mine, are fill’d with deep regret
The world they’d live again to live, with one they ne’er forget
Like me, they hear a pleading voice and o’er the wasted years
They see a face, a dear sweet face, shine thro’ a mist of tears.

[Chorus x2]


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