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Henry Kenning

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Title: We’ll Never Let The Old Flag Fall

Lyrics and music by: Henry Kenning

Publisher: Henry Kenning 46 Hopkins St. Hartford, Conn.

Copyright: 1917 by Henry Kenning

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[Verse 1]
There is music in the air, you can hear it ev’rywhere,
Far and near “Old Glory’s” waving ‘neath the sky.
Boys in khaki, boys in blue, Uncle Sammy’s heroes true,
He has called them and they go to “Do or die.”

Sons of Washington, breed of Lexington, sons of sires who died to make men free.
Shall the tyrants thrall, free men’s souls appall,
And destroy our blood bought Liberty.
“In our God we trust,” for our cause is just,
As free men we will answer to the call.
For the “Land of Brave and Free,” fight for home and liberty,
And we’ll never let the Old Flag fall.

[Verse 2]
Some folks ask us “Why we fight,” wonder “If we’re doing right,
Leaving home to fight a foe across the sea.”
Voices call us from the wave, slaughtered were no arm could save,
Now we go to seek the foe where’er he be.



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