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Title: So Let Old Glory Wave

Lyrics by: Mrs. V.A. Austin

Music by: E.S.S. Huntington

Publisher: Unpublished

Copyright: 1918 by Mrs. V.A. Austin Rumford Falls, Me. R7D1 Box 100

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[Verse 1]
We are marching on today for we are on our way,
To help some brother, father friend,
With our captain by our side,
For America is our pride,
And Liberty, and honor to the end.

So let old Glory wave,
We’ll all be strong and brave,
No matter where we are, on land or sea,
For we love our Stars and Stripes,
They stand for freedom’s rights,
And America, forever let it be.

[Verse 2]
So yes we’re marching on today for we find no other way,
To hold old Glory up so true,
And for Uncle Sam, we love, with our trust in God above,
We’ll die if need, for the Red; White and Blue.



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