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Lyrics by: Irving Berlin

Music by: Ted Snyder

Illustration of Little Amy Butler on the front.

Publisher: Ted Snyder Co. Music Publishers 112 West 38th Street New York

Copyright: 1910 by Ted Snyder Co. (Inc) 112 W. 38th St. N.Y. International copyright secured. Canada 1910 by Ted Snyder Co.

Advertisements: Music for “Sweet Italian Love” at front before “Kiss Me” starts. Music for “Dear Mayme, I Love You!” on back cover.

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[Verse 1]
My little honey, I must be leaving,
Be bright and sunny, now don’t be grieving;
Just dry your tears, dear, it’s not for years, dear,
I’ll soon return to you.

Kiss me, my honey, kiss me,
And say you’ll miss me as I’ll miss you;
Love me, my honey, love me,
Like stars above me, say you’ll be true while away ev’ry day, I’ll be thinking of you,

[Verse 2]
That same old moon, dear, that shines above us,
Will see us soon, dear, as happy lovers,
So don’t you worry, for I will hurry,
Right back and marry you.


Dearie, now don’t grow weary, be bright and cheery, my honey do,

So dear, before I go, dear, come here and kiss me (kiss, kiss)

Honey, I love you.



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