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Ching Chong

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Ching chong. words by J. Will Callahan, music by Lee S. Roberts. Published by Lee S. Roberts, Fine Arts Bldg. Chicago.

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Way out in old San Fran
There is a Chinaman Who’s known for miles around,
Wonderful place he keeps
Down where he eats and sleeps underneath the ground;
Each night the festive chinks
Come there to wink and blink,
And dream away the hours,
They sing this funny song
While they are born along
On beds of poppy flow’rs.

Ching Chong, Oh Mister Ching Chong,
You’re King of Chinatown,
Ching Chong, I love your singsong
When you have turned the lights all down;
Ching Chong, just let me swing ‘long Thru the realms of drowsy land,
Dreaming while stars are beaming
Oh mister Ching Chong, singsong man. man.

When you’re in Frisco town
Don’t fail to stop around
And see this Ching Chong man,
Wonderful things you’ll learn
Down where the torches burn
He’ll show you all he can;
Then when the time is ripe
He’ll fill your little pipe,
And then a light he’ll bring,
Gently you’ll float away
Far out on Slumber Bay,
And softly you’ll sing.




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