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I'm sometimes sad, but know not why

the words Written by the

Reverend Fitch W. Taylor.

Composed & Dedicated to Miss Eugenia Le Roy.

By Wilhelm Iucho.

New York: Published by E. Riley, 29 Chatham Street

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[Verse 1]
I'm sometimes sad, but know not why,
And weep at evening hour;
Then gentlest murmurs whisper by,
And stillness wakes her power.
I'm sometimes sad when Cynthia's beams
The fountains silver o'er;
I wander then among the elms,
Where shadows hide my tear,
Where shadows hide my tear.

[Verse 2]
I'm sometimes sad, when friends that were,
My sorrows wake anew;
They once were here but now they are
Where weeping willows grow!
I'm sometimes sad, when friends that be,
Excite the tender sigh;
For soon a long adieu, they'll say!
And so must I, must I
And so must I, must I.

[Verse 3]
I'm sometimes sad among the crowd,
And in the circle glee;
And often when the laugh is loud,
I go to bend the knee.
I'm sometimes sad, and think I've none
To shed a tear with me!
And who for Welwyneer will mourn,
When 'neath the pendant tree?
When 'neath the pendant tree?

[Verse 4]
Sad world! where is thy soothing pow'r,
At morn, or vesper mild?
Or where when noontide tells the hour,
The charm for sorrows child?
Tho' sad I roam, tho' drop the tear
'Mid light, or shadows gloom,
Ere long I'll lay me silent there,
Low in the peaceful Tomb,
Low in the peaceful Tomb.



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